Kaffekalender – Kahls


Årets tema är brev. 24 brev om kaffe. Genom breven får vi lära oss mer om produkterna och deras ursprung. Breven kommer i ett informationshäfte med smak beskrivningar av varje sort, brygginstruktioner, och möjligheten att betygsätta så att man minns vilka som var ens favoriter. Innehåller 24 st påsar med 30 g bryggmalet kaffe och informationshäfte. En påse räcker till 2 koppar kaffe.

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This year’s theme is letters. 24 letters about coffee. Through the letters, we learn more about the products and their origin. The letters come in an information booklet with taste descriptions of each variety, brewing instructions, and the possibility to rate so that you remember which ones were your favourites. Contains 24 bags of 30 g brewed coffee and information booklet. One bag is enough for 2 cups of coffee.

Our coffee-loving letter writer offers a new letter every day until Christmas Eve. The journey begins in China and ends in Gothenburg via tickling destinations such as Malawi, Indonesia, Bethlehem and more. Exciting encounters with people and places, but also deep dives into roasting degrees and flavor profiles. Among this year’s coffee we find new acquaintances such as Kina Simao, Raya Batak Honey, Malawi, Guatemala Antigua but also classics such as Monsun Malabar, Mocca Sanani, Ethiopia Sidamo, Espresso Terra and our popular Christmas coffees.

Kahl’s coffee and tea calendars have become a success. There is a great interest in calendars before Christmas, and coffee and tea are products that appeal to a large target group. The calendars are an appreciated gift.

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